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attracted. wedding rigns

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About the project:

Engagement rings with neodymium magnets symbolize the mutual attraction of two people. A strong neodymium magnet is inserted inside, this way the rings are noticeably attracted to each other, even though gold is diamagnetic. You can feel the attraction even at a distance of a few inches.

  • Design:Kristil & Shamina
  • Production:Wonder Jeweler
  • Date:2021
  • Tools:Rhinoceros/Keyshot
  • Behance:attracted. wedding rings

The rings have a complex profile, which differs in individual parts of the ring. The neodymium magnet is attached by means of craniums, which makes it possible to replace it, as a neodymium magnet can be destroyed by strong mechanical damage of the surface, contact with aggressive chemicals and handwashing for many years. Replacing the magnet is no problem, takes 5 minutes, and can even be done at home. In our experience, replacement is not required more often than once a year in normal use.

We are partners with Wonder Jeweler Studios, with whom we have gone from prototype production to the final model. We use Rhinoceros, from the sketch model to the 3D printed model, and the studio takes the printed model to the finish. We can make these rings for you if you are in Moscow. Materials: lemon, rose, and white gold at your choice. The shape of the hole under the magnet can be any shape. Any engraving can be applied inside.

You can also order from us design and visualization of jewelry.

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